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Silver Water-history


Colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic is by far a new thing. There are many examples throughout history of conscious or unconscious use of silver ...

Wider use began in the 19th century, when a handful of doctors successfully began to treat malignant diseases of the skin, combat infection and accelerate healing of wounds. Then it was a diluted silver nitrate.

1924th there have been widely used as bactericides and potent antiviral agent. Dr. Henry Crooks was the first of which was at that time proved to be the means of colloidal highly bactericidal and on the other side and completely harmless to human health.

Later, they appear various antibiotics such as penicillin. However, thirty years later, it became clear that the bacteria are increasingly adapting to antibiotics and these antibiotics are not, nor can they be long-term solution to the problem.

Dr. Marino and Dr. Albright were in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Louisiana State University, since 1983. 1986 studied the effect of active silver in chronic bone infection. All tests for this purpose are clearly demonstrated excellent properties of silver. Dr. Chu and Dr. McManus, a military research center at Fort Sam Houston in 1989. to 1996 demonstrate excellent regenerative properties of silver and during treatment of burns.

In međeuvremenu is due to many factors, there was a deficiency of trace minerals, so as to istražvanjima in 1992. The amount of minerals in the soil decreased by over 85% in the last hundred years. Bearing in mind that our food contains traces of silver and that its levels significantly reduced, it is a reasonable argument for supplementation with quality electro colloidal silver solution.

Over the years, consistently and unanimously in the world of research has shown not only that the lack of silver in the body may prevent proper funkcionisane immune system, but that silver works on the entire spectrum of pathogens without any ill effects on the human body. Also, it has been demonstrated that silver encourages tissue growth and wound recovery. Nearly all pathogenic organisms, even those rezistente antibiotic, colloidal silver kills within six minutes. In essence, it is not known for any silver which does not kill in less than six minutes and the concentration of up to 25 ppm (25 parts per million, 25 mg per liter of water).
mode of production remained the same, but due to advancement in technology we have today electro colloidal silver much better quality on all parameters.

Compared bactericidal action of ionized silver with other standard formulations, it is concluded that its efficiency 1750 times stronger than carbolic acid, and 3.5 times stronger than chlorine. In this range of microorganisms that silver dangerous impact was much broader than many antibiotics and sulfanilamide. Bactericidal effect is achieved by minimal doses of ionized silver.

The main problem is that bacteria developed the ability to easily adapt to different substances. When antibiotics destroy bacteria that are sensitive to them, they clear the way for the immigration of new bacteria that are resistant.
The following medical problem that disturbs the public from the beginning of the modern use of antibiotics is that there are friendly and helpful bacteria that have an important role in the natural functioning organism.

One of the reasons why antibiotics are so popular in medical circles is that they can be patented. Time pharmaceutical companies find financial benefit until doctors are educated in that direction, so other products go unnoticed. Silver, on the other hand, can not be patented, and therefore can not make big profits with it, so it is not worthy of intense promotion.

The study conducted by Professor Ronald Gibbs 1999th years (Director of the Center for Collodal Science, University of Delaware) on more products colloidal silver, it was determined that "if there is a presence of yellow, it indicates that the colloidal silver is not acceptable and is not the best quality. High-quality colloidal silver must be colorless. "
If you notice that there is a precipitate in solution, large particles, it is not clear or not clear - none of this electro colloidal silver what you want.
But this is not guaranteed, because the solution can start appear as required, but due to faulty procedure has not been achieved stability, and some of these phenomena can occur later.
Properly manufactured solution must be completely clear and transparent, stable, and that means even after the passage of time will remain as clear and transparent, Of course, if properly stored (in a dark place).