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Testimonials SERBIA.


The most satisfied customers we have among young people who were with the silver water, fix their problems with pimples, while one girl from Smederevo immensely grateful because the high cure cystic acne that has struggled for years.

Also, very soon, some consumers cure persistent dandruff and seborrheic problems.

Silver Water removes keratoses on the skin - that they are dark stains and spots on the skin resulting from excessive sun or kvarcovanja and known as old age spots. Many noted that they were visibly reduce youth.

The treatment of psoriasis also have a dozen people who simply can not believe in rapid and significant improvements.

One user for only two days decided unpleasant and painful eczema on his chest, who had struggled for years.

In all these cases the best way to use it if it is to clean the skin naprska silver water spray bottle and leave to dry. Treatment should be repeated at least three times a day.

Proved to be efficient and use silver water in viral and fungal warts, healing nail into the tissue, as in kurjeg eye. Critical locations to spray water or if it is possible to keep a couple of minutes in a little silver water.

Very good and quick results in all types of wounds, cuts and burns to the skin. If you are, for example, injuring a finger free to put it in the silver water and hold for several minutes. If you are fried, just burn isprskajte "colloidal silver water" and repeat it every few hours. The pain will instantly disappear and envelope most likely will not occur, a sunburn will go away without any scar.

Some other users, osvedočili that postoperative wounds heal almost three times faster if the Silver sprayed with water - no infection, and the scars are much smaller than before.

Good results were achieved in the treatment of gingivitis and paradentoze, and one of our older users claim that his teeth are not loose it once was.

The dentist who had always irritated eyes from dust that arises at work, solve this problem by placing a silver water drops in her eyes.

Several people solve the problem is chronic sinusitis, and one to be praised as the cure pharyngitis - sore throat, so that during the two days three times a day and wash grgotao throat "colloidal silver water."

Two women were persistent fungus cure that had the ear by applying Silver water as drops that are placed in the ear.

Also, several people noted that they are already after a few days of regular intake of silver water stabilized blood sugar and chronic high blood pressure. Boy of 12 years who had a sugar level of 21, after only a few days of using silver water reduced the sugar to 6 to 8

Diseases of the thyroid gland conspicuous are also obvious signs of improvement, although these diseases require a longer period of treatment.

We also have positive results from hemorrhoids. One user claims that the silver water applied externally showed 3 times higher efficiency than the standard creams that are applied in these cases.

We also have some results with a very serious disease. A woman from Novi Sad 15 years drew a very painful chronic inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. With colloidal silver water solved this problem for a week. She drank one sip at every 4 hours.

Several associates, who had prostate problems, also noted visual improvement, and only after a few days. I have recommended them to take a sip on the every 4 hours.

People who have problems with the gall, also noted that since taking Silver water has no more attacks, no problems with digestion.

One man from Zajecar, whose son has hepatitis C, after 2 bottles drunk noted significant improvements. And what most of us might be able to to process, it is quite a large group of patients with Multiplesclerosis who began treatment with colloidal silver water, and most of them noted improvement, which are smaller or larger depending on the stage of disease.

Woman from Smederevo, Rose Pavlovic who suffers from MPS for 6 years, which was seized by the entire left side and was not able to do anything, after a month of taking silver water feel like new born, says he got more energy and can be re- to cook and play cards.

Doctor Hranislav Đolić, a famous surgeon owns the hospital "Saint Luke" in Novi Sad applied "Colloidal silver water" in his hospital for 3 months. During this time he gained experience in more than 200 patients with various diseases. Here's his testimony:
"We first started to use water at Silver wounds after surgery. Gaza silver soaked with water put on the wound and we are delighted with the results - no postoperative infections, wounds heal quickly without any problems. We had a very difficult patient, a young man of 25 years who had the surgery and had a rare disease of blood coagulation disorder, which impedes wound healing. Silver For water, we managed with it to close early .
other procedures where we colloidal silver is very helpful, to the operations perforated ulcers, intestine, blind intestine and all the others that were followed by purulent infections of the abdominal cavity. We perform the necessary surgery, wash it all, and then wash the abdominal cavity Silver water, and little water and leave it in and then close it. The results are fantastic - there were no postoperative infections and complications that are usual in such cases and the recovery is much faster.

We solved a lot of chronic infection of the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, infection of Escherichia although it takes longer, candida - very effectively.

We gave patients with enlarged prostate who have not yet operation and we will see what happens.

We are convinced that colloidal silver helps quickly with asthma attacks, bronchitis spazmatičnih, especially in children, attacks of cough, so they put the inhaler only 3 CML and after two to three breaths attack stops.

Patient came to me in the morning all the red, inflamed, temperature 39.5. We give him every 2 hours after a sip of water and the silver in the evening he won the flu.

Colloidal silver and one assist our patients with ulcers in the duodenum. After 3 days of application ulcers shut him and his problem was solved.

One patient with latent sugar, extremely elevated cholesterol and triglycerides all of this is reduced to the normal measure of just drinking "colloidal silver water" 4 times a day, although she did not want to give up anything which is the food.

We have tried with the most severe patients. Although I must say that these are, unfortunately, patients who have received at the terminal stage of cancer - specifically with metastasis. Such patients are without hope, but we tried. In two cases, here, the ones with the surprise of our lives on. It is about a woman with a malignant cancer of the uterus and ovary and metastatic to stomach and liver. We have an operation to remove the uterus to the ovaries, but still we could and we release it. She received chemotherapy, and immediately after the surgery we gave her colloidal silver to drink every 2 hours. It's been almost 2 months and she says that Silver drinking water and it was good. You know, all medical predictions, and the experience she would be dead, and she walks around and says that is good!
The second case was lung cancer that was affecting the entire right lung, also with metastasis. After surgery, the patient refused chemotherapy, he took the Silver to drink water. Our predictions were that it will not survive longer than a week or two. It's been two and a half months and he is still good and is moving!

This is what we have seen, but I do not want to give false hope to people in such an advanced state of disease.

In all textbooks of pharmacology, says that silver is the most powerful antibiotics ever discovered. I can not understand why the medicine to forget. We will continue to apply Colloidal silver water, thank God now we have over here, and all the results obtained beležićemo''.