Handsets to make silver water:

The unit is made in its conception that it can be used by everyone, beginners as it is fully automated and those that want to engage in making silver water by changing its parameters, and performing data analysis that he remembers every 30 min during the operation. The unit produces 1litre silver water.

The unit is microprocessor-based modern AVR microcontroller. With this device you can adjust:
1. High-power when you begin the process of production of silver water current through distilled water is small and grow over time as it increases the concentration of silver ions. The current must be restricted as to grown a lot over time and would not get nano solution that we need, but large grains of silver.

2. Polarity-adjusts the time in minutes and during that time will change the polarity (+ and -) on the electrodes. Is obtained by adjusting the polarity somehow mixing of water every minute, just as the electrode is oxidized and consumed alike. When not changing the polarity, it would take 10 times less, and fed to the yellow line. You can set the polarity for a minute or two more, a nano best solution is obtained at 1 minute but the process takes longer.

3. Time-If you go outside the house or if you sleep you can set the time for which the unit will be turned off. Time is set from 1 hour to 40 hours, can jump in at 10 minutes (eg 2h 40min).

4. Test-distilled water is very important that distilled water is free of minerals as silver binding to them can create compounds that are not healing. blue water loses effect. The unit controls the quality of distilled water and displayed.

The produced silver water should be clear, colorless, so that when compared with distilled water does not see the difference in color. High quality nano silver water solution can be obtained in a short time, because it is expensive because the production process takes a long time.

All these parameters are stored after switching off the unit so that the next time you turn it on, you can immediately start production of silver water, if you will not modify the parameter.

It is not sufficient to measure only the power unit. This device measures the voltage and current so that he can know that the concentration of the solution. You can stop the process to the desired concentration. This work and ppm meters that are sold as separate devices.

With the unit will provide detailed instructions with pictures and examples for using the recipe, so you can quickly and easily begin producing silver water.

On the alphanumeric display shows the parameters for adjusting (max current, the time in minutes when changing the polarity of the electrodes, the time when the process ends, teset distilled water, when scrolling through the previous process analysis) and in-service Stuja through the solution, the voltage on the electrodes and the time that passed from the beginning when he started the process of making silver water. Upon completion of the process, you can browse information about the current and voltage for each 30 min and that they are remembered. After exclusions, and restart the unit data are stored and can browse what is beneficial for the analysis of the case or if the voltage is gone citywide to have orientation at which stage was the process of making silver water, ie. concentrations of solutions.

Water samples made with this device are analyzed on the natural Mathematics in Nis, Department of Analytical Chemistry, the latest equipment and the results show that the investigated sample was a true colloidal solution. You are able to use the recommendation contained in the instructions on the use of the device that immediately upon the application of these procedures have a source for obtaining the solution of 5ppm to 15ppm. You left the possibility of individual choice recipes.

This type of device already exists in the world, however, the same or similar has not been offered in our market. The aforementioned device is adapted to our market price. After using the device on the fast payment

In particular, the unit will offer two electrodes of silver Ag 999.9 purity (99.99%) 0.5x8x180 mm dimensions. (Area: 2 * 8 * 180 +2 * 0.5 * 180 = 3060 mm2 = 30.6 cm2).

Warranty devices: 24 months

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