silver water

Silver water is used in the human body in preventing and treating infectious diseases, strengthening and rejuvenation of the human body more than any known medicine. Silver acts as katelizator by blocking certain enzymes that bacteria, viruses and fungi used in its metabolism. These disease-causing, in contact with silver, are left without oxygen and food and falling apart. Click  HERE for more information.

Are removed from the body system of organs and lymph drainage system. Neither organism can not mutating and becoming resistant because the nano silver quickly and efficiently. There are only a few micro-organisms in our body that are resistant to silver, but it is useful microorganisms that are essential for the functioning of human organs. Nano silver particles are so small that they do not deplete the body of man or animals and are excreted from the body within 24 hours. In the technologically developed world are made permanent the research and draws the conclusion that silver is a miracle of modern medicine. Nano Silver kills over 650 types of pathogenic organisms.

We produce a device for making silver water.


The fact is that the west is used for 30 years, and that the medicine always known that silver is a natural antibiotik.Naime when it comes to viral infection and baktreijske Colloidal Silver Water is a great ally in this constant struggle against invisible enemies who are everywhere around us. Given that MS patients have weakened immune systems and are prone to various infections, more or less, then in that case, the silver colloid water is of great help especially during the months when the viral infection frequently.

For now, the researchers tested the power of colloidal silver in the laboratory and achieve stunning results that are difficult poverovati.Jedno is certain: the 21st century will be the century of the great return of silver in medicine.

silver water helps to increase immunity in younger and older persons, and protection of many viruses and infections. It helps in whitening teeth, so by removing deposits from teeth, and thus they izbeljuje. Recommended that the muck at least twice a day in the mouth to destroy all infections and viruses that enter our body. When you drink water, silver feel much better and have a willingness to work. Can be directly applied to the skin (for wounds and burns), and as an antiseptic is indispensable. Taking the silver water is not dependent on other drugs that are drinking.

Unlike other antibiotics, due to the nature of action of silver in the organism, unicellular pathogenic organisms are able to develop resistance to silver. Not only did not develop cell lines resistant to silver (bacteria resistant to antibiotics), as is the case with other antibiotics, but silver is completely inactive toward human tissue. Unlike other drugs, the silver is entirely non-toxic and easy way to clean the body.

Colloidal silver is recommended for diseases already present, it is highly recommended as a preventive tool.



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